MFA CLASS OF 2018.jpg

SHOWCASE April- June 2018

Randy and his classmates in the Cleveland Play House/ Case Western Reserve University MFA class of 2018 will be performing a showcase in both New York City and Los Angeles in April and June, respectively. Come out and catch the show! 



Macbeth December 2018

 "CWRU/CPH delivers a hauntingly beautiful ‘Macbeth. Director Taibi Magar’s interpretation of the show is well thought out, resulting in a production that is fascinating both visually and conceptually. By reflecting a modern-day horror film, Magar’s vision adds layers of dimension and innovation to the classic story.Randy Merrill delivers an emotional performance as Macbeth’s enemy, Macduff." - Gwendolyn Kochur


Really, Really July 2017

Distraught, Jimmy confronts Leigh. "I should have left you on the other side of the tracks," he tells her, in a beautifully taut scene that is indicative of the exquisitely fine-tuned acting and direction - by Donald Carrier - at play in this regional premiere. - Andrea Simakis